Teachers Assistance Program

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A teacher can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

Outside of immediate family, there’s nobody in society who has a greater impact on the future of our children than teachers.  Given the impact that teachers have on the lives of so many children, it makes no sense that we do not pay our teachers commensurate with the outsized impact they have on our society.

Not only do we pay teachers less than they’re worth, but we also consistently fail to provide our teachers with the tools they need to be successful!  It has become all too common in our school system to cut costs “for the children”, leaving teachers holding the bag and having to come out of pocket to buy basics like supplies for their classrooms.

Karen Scott, Co-Host of the Texas Real Estate Bible Podcast has taken a stand against this mismatch of our collective priorities.  One of the recurring themes of the show is “charity is the backbone of community” and there is no greater pillar of our community upon which our society is built than our teachers.  This is why we have created the Teachers Assistance Program.  All teachers are eligible to participate in this program through which each closed real estate transaction results in a $250 donation to the school or school program of the teacher’s choice.

Our goal is to donate $10,000 over the next 12 months through this program.  Is this a lofty goal?  Definitely, but who better than teachers to show the world what is truly possible when we apply ourselves to a worthy cause?

Would you like your next purchase or sale of real estate to improve a classroom near you?  Fill out the form below and we will verify your status as a teacher, then connect you with our small but growing pool of expert agents who have been vetted to follow the 10 Commandments for Real Estate Agents, which will result in an outstanding experience and outcome for you and your family.

One of those commandments is “Thou Shalt Not Annoy Prospective Clients”, so you can rest assured that we will not use your information for anything other than verifying your eligibility for the program and connecting you with right agent to help you negotiate the best outcome for your transaction.

Karen recently helped Houston teacher Matthew Utter and his wife Alisha Utter through back-to-back transactions, and those interactions gave her the idea for this program.  To hear about the Utters’ experience in their own words, listen to Episode 6 of the podcast.

To see if you quality for the Teachers Assistance Program, please fill out this form.  This program applies to both PRIVATE and PUBLIC schools!

(In accordance with Agent Commandment #3, this information will be used ONLY to reach out to you. We will NEVER share your information with anyone else.)




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