Police and Fireman Assistance Program

The Police and Fireman Assistance Program is a program that directly benefits The 100 Club of Houston.  This outstanding charity has been serving Houston and surrounding areas since 1953.  The original mission of The 100 Club was to provide debt relief and financial support to the surviving families of Policemen who were killed in the line of duty.

Over time, the mission has expanded to include all law enforcement officials and fire fighters who die in the line of duty.  When one of these heroes dies in the line of duty, The 100 Club provides to the family immediately a check for $20,000 to cover any immediate needs.  When the time is right, the Club performs a needs assessment for the family.  They ensure that the surviving spouse only has to worry about being a single parent.  Housing – paid for.  Debts – paid off.  Food and utilities – covered.  College education for surviving children – paid for.

If you agree with us that this is a charity that is worth supporting, we ask that you do three things:

  1. Listen to Episode 8 of the podcast.
  2. Join the 100 Club by visiting their website.
  3. Register below for the Police and Fireman Assistance Program.  Each transaction that we complete through this program will result in a $250 donation paid by us directly to The 100 Club’s Survivor Fund.

(In accordance with Commandment 3, any information you provide will be used only by us to reach out to you).