Donations completed: $725

Donations pending: $250

Goal: $10,000

As we discussed in Episode 28, philanthropy is the backbone of community.  Not only is philanthropy good for the community, it’s also good for the giver – truly a win/win endeavor.  The Texas Real Estate Bible Podcast hosts are proud to be the founders of the following charitable programs:

  1. Teachers Assistance Program (TAP)
  2. Police and Fireman Assistance Program (PFAP)
  3. Stuff the Sleigh

Here’s how these programs work: If you are a teacher, you qualify for the Teachers Assistance Program.  If you are an emergency first responder (Police, FIre, or EMS), you qualify for the Police and Fireman’s Assistance Program.  Everyone else qualifies for Stuff The Sleigh.  Each transaction that runs through any of these programs will result in a $250 cash donation to the charity.  This money comes directly out of the proceeds that the agent receives – there is no impact to you financially unless you choose to match our donation, which we invite and encourage you to do.

So far, we have made the following contributions to these causes:

$250 (transaction pending January Close)


$475 Live Event
$250 Closed transaction

$975 Total

We have set a goal to raise $10,000 in aggregate for these causes by the end of 2017.  Help us to reach this goal by either transacting with Karen or any of our affiliated agents, or by making a direct donation to these charities.  Just let us know so we can add your donation to the list!