055 – Seller Commandment 4 – Thou Shalt Understand the Closing Disclosure

In this, the 10th and final Client Commandment, we cover the basics of the Closing Disclosure, and the things you really should know about before you sit down at the closing table.  We bring you up to speed about the things you should question, and the things that really are normal.

So many people arrive at the closing table and are overwhelmed by the accounting mumbo-jumbo that’s happening on the Closing Disclosure.  Even though you receive it 3 days in advance, you still need someone to explain what exactly it’s saying.  More importantly, you want someone looking out for your interests, because there are frequently mistakes that your eagle-eyed agent should be able to spot for you and save you money!

We also get in to some story telling about a home warranty company that really needs to be called out for being sleazy.  Enjoy the fireworks!

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