052 – Stupid Agent Tricks

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David Letterman had a recurring segment on his show called “Stupid Pet Tricks”.  Similarly, we are introducing “Stupid Agent Tricks” as (probably) a recurring topic on the show.  In the episode, we discuss some of the “sinners” we’ve run in to recently.

We talk about the latest abomination from the brokers, gurus, and sales coaches who think the BINGO card pictured here is a great way to motivate their agents to do something they hate – make cold calls.  Can you imagine yourself *hoping* to get cussed out on a sales call just so you can win this game?

We also talk about one recent example of agents we both encountered in the past couple of weeks who don’t know the rules of the industry in which they operate.

Finally, we explore some of the ridiculous lengths that Karen has had to go to keep her deals from falling apart because of lazy/incompetent agents on the other side, including one who didn’t show up to closing until after the documents were all signed, and ended up looking like this guy:


Shout outs:

  • Mike Michalowicz voices the intro bumper
  • Mentioned during the episode:
    • Kera Tyler
    • Jennifer Rhode
    • Matt Utter
    • Alisha Utter
    • Eric Dolan
    • Post Net Tomball

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