049 – Communication Styles Part 1

Have you ever met someone and knew almost instantly that you were going to get along great with them?  What about the opposite, where you almost instantly know you are NOT going to get along?  Much of that first impression comes from the communication style of the sender and the receiver.

This week, we welcome back Tinja Anderson-Shiery to the show to talk about the 4 major communication styles.  She reveals to us what our styles are according to the test we took.  Nobody is all one style, rather we are all blends of the 4 different archetypes.

Why should you care?  Knowing the nonverbal cues of each of the types will help you to adjust your communication style to suit your audience.  This is a practiced skill that will benefit people in all walks of life.

The conversation was quite long, so we split it into 2 episodes.  In this first half, we discussed the Expressive and Scientist archetypes.  Next week, we will finish the discussion by covering Analyticals and Drivers.


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