036 – Agent Commandment 10 – Thou Shalt Write Effective Copy

Effective writing is important.  This is why this, the 10th and final Agent Commandment, is about writing.

We have seen far too many examples of horrific writing on the part of real estate agents.  You don’t need to read very many MLS listing descriptions before they’ll start popping out at you.  Poor spelling, bad grammar, lack of punctuation.  They all jump right off the page and detract from the professional message you’re trying to communicate on behalf of your client.

For this reason, we’ve enlisted the help of Laura Peterson, Author, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Digital Nomad.  On her podcast, Copy that Pops, you’ll find a wealth of information on how to write effectively for your newsletter, ads, and blog posts to drive traffic to your destinations.

Listen in as we have a wide ranging discussion with Laura about the impact of effective writing, vomit comets, living in Europe, and International Dog of Mystery, Tuck.

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