032 – The Solo 401(k) Plan – Take PERSONAL control of your retirement!

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Lately, we have been getting a lot of requests to do some episodes aimed at real estate investors.  While we are technically real estate investors by virtue of the fact that are landlords,  we don’t feel like we’ve had enough experience to speak authoritatively on the subject, so we decided to do some research and find guests for the show who know far more about real estate investment than we do.

David Cole from www.freedomfirst401k.com

In this episode, we welcome David Cole to the show who shares with us an amazing tool that isn’t very well known yet, but is an incredibly powerful tool for real estate investors and/or people who want to be real estate investors.

The single participant 401(k), commonly known as the “Solo 401(k)” plan gives you as an investor unprecedented access to and flexibility to personally invest the retirement funds you have been building up throughout your life.  Do you have a 401(k) from a previous employer?  Do you have a traditional individual retirement account that you self-funded?  All of these funds can be rolled in to a Solo 401(k), where YOU take the role of trustee, enabling you to have checkbook access to the funds for the purpose of investment.

Listen to this episode as Dave walks us through the background, requirements, and rules of this option that all investors should know about!

Dave can be reached at:

Website: http://www.freedomfirst401k.com
Phone: 928-350-8368
Email: dave@freedomfirst401k.com



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