028 – Agent Commandment 7 – Thou Shalt Give Back To Thy Community

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Hank Moore, Karen Scott, Nicole Normandin, Kevin Scott, Gil McCollin present a check for $475 to Stuff The Sleigh

This is a special episode!  We recorded it in front of a live audience at the University of Houston with special guest host, Hank Moore.  Hank has been shaping our culture for a generation, and is a living legend in many spheres, including the Non-Profit sphere.  Listen to this episode as we discuss how important it is for agents to be committed to giving back to the communities they serve.

Real e state agents, more than any other profession, are intimately linked to the communities in which they do business.  It is therefore imperative that we make our businesses about more than just making money for ourselves.  A portion of our profits should go back to the community in the form of philanthropy.  It’s good for the community and it’s good for your business.

Gil McCollin, Karen Scott, Kevin Scott, and Hank Moore record the episode.

Clients – When your interviewing an agent, ask them what charities they support through their work.  If their answer starts with “My broker supports…” or “My office supports…” stop them with “No, I asked what charities you PERSONALLY support through your work.”  If your agent can’t name at least one charity that they personally support through their work (and explain their mission), you should start looking for another agent!

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