027 – Outdoor Living Spaces

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Outdoor living spaces are a huge attraction, especially in areas like Houston where the weather makes them useful nearly year round.  In this episode, we interview Deedra Chavez from Bello Domani Outdoor Designs.

Deedra has been in the industry for many years and has a great eye for design.  She designed the outdoor living space in Karen and Kevin’s backyard and we have been referring business to her ever since.

Deedra shares with us some of the most popular features and upgrades available on the market today, like high efficiency pumps that allow you to greatly reduce the energy cost of running your pool (roughly $15 per month).  She also gives us detail on our favorite pool upgrade, the in-floor cleaning system.  While we absolutely love this upgrade, there is one… let’s call it “unexpected feature” that the system brings to the pool experience.  You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out the hilarious truth!

We also hear about some of the creative things people are doing by mixing fire and water features with outstanding results.  In the episode, you’ll also hear about the outdoor living feature that provides an average 130% return on investment.

If you’d like to reach Deedra, you can reach her at:


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