020: Adam Ruins Housing Rebuttal

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Karen and I have our shows that we watch together to unwind.  One of our favorite shows is “Adam Ruins Everything“.  The show, hosted by Adam Conover is a mainstay on our DVR because it shows the hidden side of many things that we just take for granted in our culture.

A recent episode entitled “Adam Ruins Housing” piqued our interest because, obviously, we’re in the business.  Before we watched the episode, we saw a preview of it on Facebook, and had a conversation with some friends about some crazy statements that were made in the clip.

After the episode aired, we knew we had to do an episode to rebut the half truths, misstatements, and outright lies that were told about the real estate industry in the first 6 minutes of the show.  Listen in as we share the details of the conversation we had with one of the actual sources cited on the episode.  Spoiler alert: His study actually stated the opposite of what the episode said.


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