001: Agent Commandment 1 – Thou Shalt Protect Thy and Thy Clients’ Safety

Hello everyone! We hope you enjoy this, our first episode of the Texas Real Estate Bible Podcast.

Safety should always be consideration #1. Real estate agents are the victims of violent crime at a higher rate than the average population. In this episode, Kevin and Gil discuss some common sense strategies for safety and share some stories that illustrate those points.

  1. Keep in mind that when you’re meeting a new client, if that person is unknown to you, obviously you want to make a good first impression and win their business, but don’t forget you have to keep yourself safe.
  2. Open houses are a place where anyone could walk in at any time, and is a place w here agents are particularly vulnerable.
  3. Make sure when you enter a new home that you check where the exits are in case you need to use one in a hurry.
  4. Do NOT park in the driveway of a house you are showing/visiting. You could be accidentally (or purposefully) blocked in.
  5. Violence against real estate agents is more common than in other occupations. 18 agents die per year.
  6. It’s safest to take a separate car when showing homes to clients.
  7. If you are licensed to carry a firearm, we recommend that you have one on you at all times!





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