011: Homeowner Associations with Pam Bailey

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“Nosy neighbors.  Busybodies with nothing else going on in their lives so they get into everyone else’s business in the neighborhood.  What does a Homeowner Association do for me other than tell me what color I can paint my house?”

This is a common question that real estate agents hear.  Instead of trying to answer this question ourselves, we enlisted the help of the foremost authority we could find on HOAs, Pam Bailey.  Pam is the CEO of Chaparral Management company, which since 1985 has helped HOAs operate on a day to day basis.  She is also heavily involved in the lawmaking process with the Texas State Legislature.

Pam was very generous with her time, covering the specifics about how HOAs operate, and how they improve the value of the communities they serve.  Pam helps us to see that HOAs, much like great real estate agents, are often maligned, usually misunderstood, and rarely fully appreciated, and she’s funny to boot!

Even though there is no mention of dog vomit in this episode, it’s still informative and entertaining.  We hope you enjoy!


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