010: Seller Commandment 1 – Thou Shalt Not Be Surprised At How Much Work It Takes To Sell Thy Home (Part 1)

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Join as we discuss Seller’s Commandment 1:  “Thou shalt not be surprised how much work it takes to sell thy home”.

“How much work does an agent actually do when listing my home?”  This is a question that is front of mind for many people as they wonder why they have to pay typically 6% commission on the sale of their home.

Are there horrible agents out there who don’t do what they should?  Yes.

Will those agents treat you great right up until you sign the listing agreement and then disappear until closing day?  YES!

Is there a lot of work that the right agent will do for you to help you sell your home for top dollar?  ALSO YES!

In this episode, Karen, Kevin, and Gil talk about the process they follow and the amount of work a good agent will do in order to successfully sell your home, and earn their commission. Listen as we go through a high level process for preparing your home, writing up and reviewing contacts from listing to closing. The art and talent required to write up listings, market your home, and produce photographs that present the best view of your home for the active sale process. Remember, a good Realtor needs your full participation and assistance to properly prepare and sell your home.


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