009: Client Q&A – Vickie and Briana Overhear A Shocking Conversation

This week, we had originally planned to release another Commandment episode, but on the day we were going to record it, Karen was involved in an automobile accident while showing houses to a client. As she was driving on a feeder road, a truck from a cross street ran a red light and Karen hit them at roughly 50 miles per hour.

It wasn’t that long ago that such a crash would have been fatal for all involved, but thank goodness for modern engineering, it wasn’t fatal.  Although Karen might have been interesting to listen to while hopped up on her painkillers, we elected to not record that night and instead we are releasing this episode which we had recorded previously and were planning to release in the future.

As soon as Karen is coherent enough to record (probably by the time the next episode is due), we’ll be back with another Commandment.

In this episode, we interviewed Vickie and Briana Colascione.  Vickie is Karen’s client who also happens to live a few doors down from us.  While we were taking a walk in the neighborhood with our kids, we ran in to Vickie and Briana and started to chat.  Briana told us a story about a conversation she overheard between a real estate agent and a client that confirms some of the content that we’ve already covered on the podcast:  there are some really sleazy agents out there, because the barriers to entry to the industry are too low.  I won’t spoil her story here, you’ll just have to listen to it.

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