Karen Scott

karenListen to this episode to learn a lot about Karen.

A former proposal/writing guru, juice bar diva, and stay-at-home Mom, Karen became a real estate agent in the Houston market in 2015.  After Karen and Kevin sold their small business in 2014, Karen spent a year at home with their two girls as a full time mom.

After agonizing for that entire year over what she wanted to be when she grew up, real estate seemed like a great fit not because it provided flexibility with her career and kids, but because it allowed her to go see house porn in person!

Prior to obtaining her real estate license, Karen would spend her free time looking at homes on the MLS just for fun. Since getting her license in 2015 she hit the ground running with the start of a great rookie year, and couldn’t be having more fun if she tried.

Real estate is the perfect fit for Karen, allowing her to pursue her passion in real estate and her passion to help people. Finding the perfect home for anyone is a challenge in so many ways, Karen loves the search, the negotiation, and seeing the joy that clients have upon moving into their perfect home.

So if you love looking at house porn, or just need a good ethical, positive, and savvy real estate agent, calling Karen would be the right start to realizing your real estate dreams.

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