Have you heard real estate horror stories?  So have we.  Want to avoid being the subject of a real estate horror story?  Listen to this podcast!

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Almost everyone has a real estate story.  Far too many have horror stories to tell.  In fact, we have shared so many of these stories with each other that we decided to start a podcast to share these stories with the public, and highlight the fact that while a juicy horror story is fun to tell and fun to hear, there really are still some great real estate agents out there who work hard every day to do right by their clients.

The real estate agent used to be one of the most respected people in the community.  A 2015 Gallup poll ranks Real Estate Agents between Lawyers and Labor Union Leaders for honesty and ethics.  Why is that?  On the podcast, we explore the underlying causes of this shift in public opinion.

This podcast is intended for both clients and providers of real estate services.  Our opening tagline is “Hello buyers, sellers, and renters; and hello agents who know there is a right way and a wrong way to run your real estate business”.  Because that’s exactly it, there really IS a right way and a wrong way to do business in real estate.  Spoiler alert – most agents are doing it wrong!

This isn’t to say there is only one way that we deem acceptable to do business.  However, there are some core principles upon which every agent and client should build their relationship of trust.  We organize these as 10 Commandments each for agents, buyers, and sellers.

Fair warning – this podcast is not “one size fits all”.  We don’t sound like everyone else out there, we don’t try to please everyone with everything we say, we say what we think and we have a core set of beliefs that we are committed to!

Do you have a question for the show?  Call in to the show line at 832-953-4411 and leave a message!  You can also email the show at podcast@texasrealestatebible.com.